Slowbox and Zerowin

Slowbox is a bot on FICS. It plays chess 24/7 using the stockfish engine to select its moves. Its primary goal is to run strong engines on weak hardware, which matches interestingly against weaker engines on the fastest hardware. Robbolito gave the first opportunity toward this end, but experience with stockfish elsewhere led to a rapid switch. Slowbox permits extensive unrated play, and it also kibitzes its thinking frequently. Both of these help foster interest in computer chess by providing a useful opponent to engine authors and operators alike.


Linksys WRV-54G router (266 Mhz XScale, 32MB RAM, 8MB flash)


Seagate Dockstar (1.2 Ghz Kirkwood SoC, throttled to match WRV-54G, 128MB RAM, 256MB flash)

Linksys WRV-54G router (266 Mhz XScale, 32MB RAM, 8MB flash)

Actiontec GT-701 DSL Modem (150 Mhz AR7, 16 MB RAM, 4 MB flash)

Operating System

OpenWrt (r7210-14cb05909a)


icsdroneng 0.29

polyglot 1.4.70b

Stockfish dev



Book: polyglot book_small.bin

Hash: 4 MB

Move Overhead: 1000


./stockfish bench 1 1 10
Total time (ms) : 68495
Nodes searched  : 893036
Nodes/second    : 13037