Zerowin is a bot on FICS. It plays chess 24/7 using the stockfish engine to select its moves. Zerowin was created to run strong windows engines in GNU/Linux via Wine, deriving its name from "zero windows". It started on a 2.1 Ghz Athlon XP, but now it runs on ARM hardware using native GNU/Linux binaries. One of the goals is to foster interest in computer chess by providing a decent testbed for other computer accounts. So, Zerowin uses a formula that permits extensive unrated play.


1.3 Ghz Orange Pi PC (ARM Cortex-A7, 1GB RAM)

Hardware status

Operating System

Armbian (Debian Jessie)


icsdroneng 0.29

polyglot 1.4.70b

stockfish (bin for ARM Cortex-A7)



Hash: 16 MB

Move Overhead: 1000

Threads: 2

Polyglot Book: performance.bin (aka fruitbook.bin)

Resign: off

Kibitz Interval: 6 sec.


./stockfish bench
Total time (ms) : 29967
Nodes searched  : 5926706
Nodes/second    : 197774